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26 Nov

Wahey to weddings!

BY SVEN – If you’re getting up to all kinds of mischief on a pub crawl for a summer stag do, if you’re catching up with old friends you haven’t seen for years or if you’re driving in processions although the World Cup is long over, it can only mean one thing – it must be wedding season!


 But my internal alarm bell rings long before the wedding bells do. What should I wear? Will my suit still fit? Isn’t that so 2013? And what’s even worse is my wife’s shocked or perplexed response: “You can’t wear that anymore!”


I’ve been invited to two celebrations this year and they couldn’t be more different from one another. One is an informal garden party with an explicit request for casual dress. The other is somewhat more glamorous, at a Provençal vineyard. I’m going to show you two outfits that I’ve put together from Ermenegildo Zegna  for these very occasions.

Hochzeitsoutfit Zegna

Keep your cool:

This comfortable, lightly striped linen shirt with stand-up collar will make sure you can still feel those summer breezes even when the mercury hits 30 degrees in the shade. Let’s just say you won’t break out in a sweat going from the church to the reception. The dark-blue linen trousers with drawstring are the perfect casual-chic combination. As a result, you’ll be able to sit and dance comfortably – and attack that midnight buffet.

Hochzeitsoutfit Zegna

Being entirely honest – I didn’t choose these suede loafers with the gold buckle myself. But they perfectly complement the overall look and their soft, high-quality finish is impressive. Classic aviator sunglasses, a sleek leather wallet in a delicate smoky blue and this braided leather bracelet round off my casual wedding look.



The classic two-piece suit impresses with outstanding quality and its sleek, timeless silhouette.

Here I’ve opted for a chic white shirt, which is best coupled with a colourful tie and red stone cufflinks.

Hochzeitsoutfit Zegna

Whether you go for cool or classic – you’ll be wedding-ready!

Hochzeitsoutfit, Zegna
Hochzeitsoutfit Zegna

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