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3 Nov

The trouser suit – cool combination

BY NATALIE – Yes, I know. The classic trouser suit is not exactly the favourite garment in German women’s closets. It reminds us too much of the wild excesses of the 1970s, flashy outfits of the 1980s and unadventurous looks of the 1990s. Even our Chancellor’s deep and enduring attachment to her much-loved trouser suit ensembles had, until now, done little to change the rather outdated image…

What did you say – an outdated two-piece? Definitely not! Because over the last season, the trouser suit has been celebrating its fashion comeback and is now being treated to a winter upgrade. Colourful versions are particularly on trend this autumn and are a key feature on all the international catwalks. 

My personal must-have comes from Tiger of Sweden. I find this closely tailored fit the perfect basis for a modern office look. The understated and elegant colour can be coordinated with almost any shade and adds an extra dash of fashion expertise to classic office looks.

A cosy polo-neck jersey is ideal to team up with a trouser suit on a wet and cold autumn day. I have opted for a cuddly version in off-white by Laurèl. It has one great advantage. Even without a blazer, I’m perfectly attired for any meeting.

What is the highlight of my look? It just has to be the clutch bag from Fossil. Its bright tassels brighten up a dull day in the office with a vibrant dash of colour.

I must confess that I’ve really fallen in love with the calf-length boots by Escada. The warm colour of this cool casual footwear creates a modern colour contrast

The silver-coloured creole earrings and pink lips add the finishing touches to my look.

My tip: with the right nail polish color your nails shine in new splendor!

And don’t forget: the advantage of a two-piece suit is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be worn together.