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1 Sep

History of Levi ´s


BY GABRIELE –  Levi’s jeans are the first choice for modern pioneers. Time Magazine chose the 501 jeans as the “fashion item of the 20th century, ahead of the mini skirt and the little black dress.

Levi Strauss and the tailor Jacob Davis applied for a patent for the first trousers to have riveted pockets. They used copper rivets to reinforce the corners, which get more wear and tear than other places, and created hard-wearing trousers for the hard-working pioneers of the Wild West. This was the first generation of the 501 jeans. The first patent for the use of rivets on men’s’ trousers was granted on May the 20th 1873, and an American icon was born. In the 1950s, rebellious teenagers wore 501 jeans with pride. They’d adopted them from workers following the Great Depression, and transformed them into a symbol of solidarity and lack of respect for authority. Everyone, from James Dean and Marlon Brando to Jack Kerouac and Jackson Pollock wore 501 jeans, confirming their status as a byword for youth and a symbol of rebellion.

The brand has become a synonym for jeans per se and has also made them socially acceptable. So, how do you manage to reinvent a label over such a long period of time? New editions have kept this classic up to date. Levi’s have remained true to themselves, but have always managed to evolve. New finishes or materials, or minor alterations to the fit, have been used to redesign the iconic Levi’s, without compromising their original character (for example 501, 501 CT, 501 Skinny). Tell us about the absolute jeans trends for spring/summer 2017. What are the “must-haves” for men and women? Definitely, it’s the Levi’s 501 Skinny (unisex) and the Levi’s Orange Tab collection.

Today, the brand is integrated in people´s everyday life, in their working life and their style worldwide. Blogger, stylists und influencer combine Levi´s jackets with airy silk blouses, or opulent sequin dresses, celebrate the “All over Jeans look” and let their imagination run wild. We love Levi´s because there are no limits for combination opportunities and because the brand stands for the symbiosis between tradition and innovation. Find more trendy Levi´s Jeans in our Onlineshop!