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21 Feb

The A to Z of fashion

BY GABRIELE – If you are always getting your camisoles mixed up with your camouflage and are shocked to hear that Mulan didn’t actually wear a single pair of mules in the Disney classic, never fear! We are proud to present to you our fashion guide, complete with definitions for all these terms from the fashion world and more. Time for you to swot up so you can be the queen of fashion-related small talk at that party you’ve got coming up in your diary 😉


Haven’t you heard? Sportswear is no longer reserved solely for the gym! This casual sporty look centred around wide-leg trousers, informal bomber jackets and cool sweatshirts is now socially acceptable all over.


These simple strap tops can be worn casually over a T-shirt or as an elegant single-layer option for your top half.


Double-faced fabrics come in different colours on each side, meaning they can be worn either way round. This is a popular choice for winter coats, as combining a warm fabric on the inside with a smooth one on the outside keeps the wearer nice and toasty!


A sleek oval shape usually manifests itself in oversized garments, adding a touch of casual cool to coats, jackets and dresses.

Fake fur

This realistic-looking alternative is animal-friendly, on-trend AND warm and snuggly.

Garance Doré

Vive la France! We all know that France is home to some of the top fashion designers and style icons in the world. And now Garance Doré has made a name for herself as one of Europe’s first successful female bloggers with her little illustrations and amazing eye for fashion.


No doubt you’ll have seen this symbol all over Instagram and Twitter. Originally used to mean ‘number’ amongst other things, it takes its name from its appearance (‘hash mark’) and its use (‘tag’). Adding a hashtag label in front of words will turn them into keywords that can be found more easily on social media platforms. If you need an example, give #outletcitymetzingen a go!

Italian cuisine

La Dolce Vita! Enjoy a taste of Italy right here at OUTLETCITY! Restaurant Olio e Pane serves up exquisite Italian dishes, with many of the ingredients being sourced directly from the beautiful Mediterranean country. And you can really taste it!


These one-piece garments are inspired by suits worn by parachuters. They are bang on-trend right now, coming in all styles, shapes and colours imaginable.


This is a slang term used in some parts of the USA to refer to all forms of sporty sneakers that have been an absolute must-have since the revival of the Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe.


This technique is used mainly in winter, with garments being worn on top of one another as a way of being prepared whatever the weather.


This type of shoe has no back or constraint around the heel and can come in an open-toe style. Being dubbed the ultimate trendy shoe of the year, the name actually originates from the 16th–18th century and is the French word for ‘slippers’.

We’ll be bringing you the second half of our A to Z of fashion very soon, so watch this space!