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27 Oct

Outdoor adventure Dolomites

BY JANINE – We have a bit of an on-off relationship… you could even call it an affair! But whenever we spend time together, my love is passionate and sincere. Sorry, what did you just say? That’s right. You heard correctly! This little ode is dedicated to my The North Face outdoor jacket. And it has truly earned it. Because, like in any good relationship, we take the rough with the smooth. We navigate highs and lows. But the highs are the best! And this autumn, we definitely reached new heights! In the Dolomites, to be more precise.

Pragser Wildsee

Lake Braies

This lake is known as the “pearl among Dolomite lakes”, and it is by no means an exaggeration! Nestled in a lush green forest in the heart of the Braies Dolomites…it almost makes you feel as if you have walked onto a film set. Breathe in. Breathe out. Pinch yourself. Great, it’s not a dream. You never know…

Wanderung um den Pragser Wildsee
Outdoor Abenteuer Dolomiten

It takes two hours to walk right around it. And as it’s already getting a bit chilly, I’m happy to know that I can rely on my outdoor jacket. In good times and bad, in wind and weather, until its death do us part 😉

What makes it THE ONE for me?

– it is lightweight and yet robust

– it will never leave me out in the rain. And when we’re together, I don’t even care if it rains. Because it’s absolutely waterproof!

– its label states “windproof and breathable thanks to DryVent™ fabric”, which makes it the perfect companion on stormy days too.

The North Face Wanderjacke
Wasserdichte Outdoorjacke von The North Face
3 Zinnen

Three Peaks

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you felt really small? No? Then I recommend that you dress up warmly and set out for a hike around the Three Peaks.

But don’t forget…

1.) …good hiking boots are essential to get you to your destination

2.) …you can always glance at your watch to check how amazingly quickly you have covered yet another kilometre.

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3.) …you should never embark on any hike without a huge supply of water. And chocolate bars. Lots of chocolate bars. So always take a very motivated load-bearer along with you…

outdoor fashion
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Outdoor Dolomiten
outfit bergtour

If you are now feeling a little bit jealous of my good relationship with my “The North Face” jacket – you can find your own perfect match too…

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Incidentally: mountaineering is made much more difficult by the existence of mountains.”

(Jan Rys, Austrian writer, 1931 – 1986)