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25 Jan

On-trend essential: leather trousers

Leder Outfit

BY NATALIE  – OK, I admit it: I’m already looking forward to the arrival of spring and I can’t wait for the first warmer days of the year to be here. Do you know what has been getting me through the dull and dreary days in the meantime? My trusty leather trousers that I’m literally living in right now. Why? Because they just make any outfit look instantly cool.

Style the leather outfit:

Even my go-to laid-back everyday look (sweater, comfy trousers, sneakers) looks anything but boring when I add these modern bottoms into the mix. If you ask me, trendy yet casual essentials can add the perfect modern touch to any strong outfit.

When I put my favourite outfit on, all eyes are obviously on the chic smooth black leather trousers from IHeart. The modern cut and cool material give all of my looks a certain je ne sais quoi.

What I love about the Chiemsee sweater is the close attention to detail in the elegant design and the combination of contrasting colours. That’s what gives this pullover a strong chance of being officially named as my second-favourite item in my wardrobe. Don’t worry – the leather trousers are still at the top of the list 😉

Of course, shoes are another key feature of any perfectly styled outfit. After all, the tricky decision between sneakers and high heels can change the overall vibe entirely. In this case, I went for a snazzy pair of Joop sneakers.

Any carefully considered outfit also needs the accessories to be spot on. In order to give my urban look room to breathe and to really focus in on the leather aspect, I selected some quality leather accessories in black and white. This simple yet modern Gvyn bag is the ideal finishing touch to my outfit and I don’t have to worry about it stealing away too much of the attention. The exact same also applies to this stylish watch from Fossil in white. 

Hopefully, my outfit has shown you that leather is a really versatile material that can be used to create styles beyond the “rock chick” staple and still look incredibly cool 🙂