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8 Feb

Marrakesch meets Metzingen

Making Of Modestrecke; Marrakesch trifft Metzingen

BY ISIDORA – The magic of Arabian Nights blended with bold colours, fresh patterns and flowing fabrics. Yes, that captures the spirit of our latest behind-the-scenes look at our fashion feature – “Marrakesh meets Metzingen”.  Searching for inspiration for the editorial of our Spring/Summer TrendMag edition, we conjured up images of the Orient. And we added fragrant spices, occidental notes and babbling fountains in courtyards illuminated by the beaming sun to the mix. It soon became clear that we would be needing to fly to Marrakesh. Imagine the amazing adventure we could have, leaving the office far behind and heading into warmer climes. Needless to say, everyone got very excited. With the Bahia Palace in mind, we started hunting for the perfect outfits and location for our shoot. And then Kathi suddenly had a brainwave. “Do we really need to go all that way? We’ve got all we need right here.” Isn’t she clever? She went on to describe the ideal spot for the shoot – the Palais Thermal, which just so happens to be right on our doorstep.

There’s no place like home! Upstream of the River Enz in the northern part of the Black Forest, you will find one of the most spectacular spa towns Germany has to offer: Bad Wildbad. There, the groundwater rises from a depth of more than 1000 m to reach the surface at a temperature of between 36 and 41 °C. Combined with the stunning natural landscapes of the Black Forest and the lovely fresh air, there is no denying that this is one of the best-loved spa towns in the region. It comes as no surprise that the first spa has been around since the 16th century. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that it was made to look as we know it now. Windows and art nouveau wall murals were added to the ornamental features, tiles and arches in the Moorish style, creating a unique blend of styles that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Calling all lovers of spas, nature and architecture… You won’t want to miss this place! So, we set off on the short journey from Metzingen to the incredible town of Bad Wildbad. When we arrived, it was as though we had been transported back in time to a perfectly enchanting backdrop for our fashion feature. And there were plenty of other nice surprises in store for us like the super-friendly staff in the bakery, mouth-watering sandwiches and chilled-out spa guests. It was a real eye-opener, as it is so easy to forget just how many hidden gems there are in the area surrounding OUTLETCITY. We hope that our behind-the-scenes look at our fashion feature will inspire you to set off on a voyage of discovery of your own.  Never has the saying “home sweet home” made more sense… Come and see for yourself!