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2 Oct

Key trend Autumn/Winter: check blazer

BY CLAUDIA – The best thing about autumn is that it’s the perfect time to reinvent your entire wardrobe. As the days get shorter and the weather turns cooler, you need to have a few warm and cosy items on hand to put a smile on your face. But this doesn’t mean you have to match your colour scheme to the grey weather outside. If you’re someone who can’t quite get on board with really bright colours, the current trend for check patterns is here to save the day. Ideal for a stylish office look, the check trend can add the perfect level of chic to any comfortable outfit.

The dusty old image of the check pattern is history. It’s no longer just the British aristocracy sporting checks for a stroll in the British countryside, the pattern even got past the phase of the 90s Wall Street yuppies. By dusting off your check blazer and combining it with the right items, you can easily create a modern, on-trend look that you are sure to be pulling off for years to come


Personally, I would put the Tiger of Sweden check blazer together with some 70s-style flared jeans. To draw attention to the jeans’ high waist and to pull the outfit together a bit more strictly, I would team this with a white statement shirt from Karl Lagerfeld. And to make this outfit office-ready, I would have to add some black leather ankle boots from Ted Baker. Right now, my favourite accessories are handbags from the young designerlabel Gvyn from London. Their signature look is clean and never over the top – because for them, the fascination for every piece is to leave anything behind that has no function.

But if that’s not enough for you and you are feeling brave enough to make a fashion statement, turn the check blazer into an overall look and pair it up with the matching check trousers. The blazer also works well with a hoodie or a pencil skirt and sneakers. If your office dress code is a bit more on the strict side and ‘business’ wear is a must, try the blazer with a dress in a single muted colour, such as marine blue, burgundy or a deep, dark green. There are simply no limits when it comes to creating the perfect autumnal blazer-based outfit

Whichever way you look at it: the check blazer is an absolute must! Make the most of autumn and the fact that we don’t quite need our thick jumpers and coats quite yet – finish off every outfit with the blazer!