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20 Oct

It ´s a man ´s world


Facial hair is so in right now and all the different options make it a great way for men to express their individuality and passion. It has been used as a fashion statement for some time now (and it seems like the trend is here to stay). Or in other words: “A man without a moustache can never be fully dressed” (Salvador Dali).

We are well passed the days of scruffy, unkempt facial hair and notorious porn star moustaches. Now it’s all about stylish, professional cuts. So a bold and bearded Holy AG team set out for a full operation and headed to an elegant barber shop in Metzingen. Among the group was our very own daredevil Felix Metzmann (Sales and Tourism Manager) and multi-talented Friedemann Rapp (CRM Manager of

Barbers have a long and rich history. Years ago, they would have even pulled out teeth and performed amputations in their shops. One relic that remains from those days is the red and white ‘barber’s poles’ you see outside their shops. Another tradition that has remained over the decades is the craftsmanship on offer to the discerning gentleman.

Located in a prime spot right at the heart of Metzingen, there stands a place of refuge for true gentlemen. Even from the outside, it looks full of promise and any initial doubts disappear right away. As we stepped through the doorway, it was as though we had entered another world. The inside was stylish and every last detail of the room added to the incredible atmosphere, which was somewhere between that of a cigar lounge and a British gentlemen’s club. There was a real retro look about it that took this barber shop back to its roots. The dark, and warm colours, the premium leather, wood and brick, the fireplace and all the nostalgic little details oozed 60s charm and were a delight to behold. We felt right at home.

Corc Berber (the owner of the barber shop), beard king and master of the razor, gave us a warm welcome. “Please, take a seat, gentlemen!” We lowered ourselves into the comfy styling chairs and got ready to enjoy the professional service being offered by the staff. All the male professionals that work here have had to complete special barber training and they need a well-trained eye. The treatment and techniques used here are traditional and of an exceptionally high standard. The staff work with skill and sophistication, foaming up faces, cutting hair and styling beards. Whether you want stubble, a goatee, mutton chops, or a ducktail, anchor or Dutch beard, the barber team is on hand to turn your vision into reality. And they even have the steady hand required to glide the traditional blade over your throat without any chance of an accident. “We use nothing but the very best grooming products on the market here,” says Corc Berber. And even the selection of fine whiskeys and cigars reflects the owner’s unwavering standards. We had long forgotten the world around us as we sat back and indulged in the luxury.

The final result was perfect and ready to be appreciated by the world, whilst the overall experience was never anything less than enjoyable. What Corc Barber and his team have created here is a true haven for all men who want their hair and facial hair to look groomed, where they can relax, forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and know they are in the very best hands.

We may have been lumberjacks when we arrived at the shop, but we were gentlemen by the time we left.

Thank you to the guys at BARBER-DELUX – we take our hats off to you! This is a place where the customer (and his beard) really is king. They even put on monthly ‘Gentlemen’s Club Evenings’, giving stylish men a place to gather on a regular basis.

Take our advice: Get rid of your Gillette razors, grow a beard and then plan in some you time at this barber shop after your next shopping trip at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN.