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9 Nov


BY ISIDORA – Today, 9 November, is an eagerly anticipated date. The GQ Men of the Year will be taking place in Berlin, and we will be there live.

The OUTLETCITY METZINGEN is a sponsor of the event and so once again we are getting ready to attend… But what should we weaaaar????

Simon Lohmeyer, der GQ Supertramp visited us earlier to pick out some suitable outfits together with Anton Slobodkin, the GQ/OUTLETCITY winner.

Focusing on business suits and accessories, the search was a fun experience for all concerned. Anton’s wife Anna was there too and was also caught up in the shopping fever. After a whole day with the fun team, it was time for a professional photo shoot.
You can see the results here:

If you want to accompany us at the event, follow us on Instagram Stories from 7 pm this evening. We will take you there live and report on all the action. 
We look forward to spending this evening with you!