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13 Nov

GQ Men of the Year awards

GQ Men Of The Year Awards

BY ISIDORA – The evening of 9 November 2017 was full of surprises. The GQ Men of the Year Awards managed to do away with prejudices, shatter illusions and delight the audience with British humour. In short, the perfect evening in a perfect setting with perfect guests.

Katharina, Claudia, Elena and Oliver were my party crew on this brilliant evening. They are all fun to be around and talented dancers… What more could you ask for? 🙂 We only took an hour to get styled and we were off, swaying in our high heels – with Oli in a classic tuxedo with cummerbund and patent-leather shoes – as we clambered into the multi-seater taxi. Our destination: the Komische Oper in Berlin. 

GQ Men Of The Year Awards

After a short ride, we arrived to find the red carpet teeming with stars and starlets. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gregory Porter, footballer Philipp Lahm and German actor Matthias Schweighöfer were some of the most popular celebrities for the crowd of paparazzi, who had amassed along the edge of the red carpet.
We sauntered past these VIPs and headed inside, where it was warm. After all, we’re used to the southern climate 🙂
As one of the main sponsors of this stylish event, we were impressed by the way it was organised, presented and executed. Everyone seemed relaxed and chilled – they were looking forward to the evening and enjoying the culinary highlights. We got stuck in, welcoming the lovely people, marvelling at the global stars who were within reach and nodding with a smile.
Apart from the fact that my skirt pinched and nipped at me, and my shoes were damn high, I had a great time. My hair stayed in place, the spot I had had on my nose disappeared just in time and my deodorant did its job perfectly.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Everything was set and the show could begin. The friendly staff instructed us to take our seats. Unfortunately, we were all sat completely apart. But I definitely got the best seat. Right at the front in the box, with a perfect view of everything that happened on stage. It felt almost as if I could smell actress and TV presenter Barbara Schöneberger’s perfume, which I am sure was anything but subtle to match her metallic blue dress and oversized bow. And she certainly let rip. She knocked out joke after joke – none of the celebs emerged unscathed. She mocked Hollywood, railed against Donald Trump and flirted with the good-looking men in the audience – there were certainly enough of them for her to take her pick. 

How did this evening do away with prejudices?

1. The prejudice that footballers are superficial: Philipp Lahm was as lovely and charming as can be. He was a little bit unsure on stage, admitting that he felt more comfortable on the pitch than on the red carpet. But he spoke about his football career as if it were no big deal and was happy that this enabled him to do good things and help people. He spoke about having more time for his charity and being able to live up to his social responsibilities. I have to admit, I couldn’t care less about football. But if all players behaved in such an exemplary way, with good values and a sense of responsibility towards fans, then I’m sure I would be inspired by the beautiful game, too. Go Phillipp!

GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilders are airheads: Arnold Schwarzenegger is ultimate proof that this is not the case. The triumphant finale of the evening saw him being presented with the Legend of the Century award. If anybody can manage to surpass Philipp Lahm’s charm and compassion, then Arnie can. His speech was an appeal to all good people. He called on the audience not to sit there and suffer as greedy people destroy our world, but to act. To quote the man himself: “ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!” He also described his urge to live up to his responsibility as a role model and to leave behind a green planet for the next generation. As Governor of California, he campaigned for a green policy and used his fame and publicity to do good things. But his most important message to all is: help each other. Be there for one another and offer others support. Nobody can do it on their own, and only together can we bring about change. During this evening, Arnie was a genuine inspiration to us all… Standing ovations and plenty of new fans were guaranteed. I am certainly a convert.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Arnold Schwarzenegger

How did the awards ceremony shatter illusions?

Johannes Huebl (in the picture below, on the right) is the epitome of a beautiful and stylish gentleman. He was handed a coveted GQ award for this: Influencer of the Year. His speech, however, was slightly disillusioning. He applauded the countless filters on Instagram and could not make sense of why he was named as an influencer. But the essence of his speech was that he started off only posting holiday snaps of him and his wife Olivia Palermo with these filters, and it gradually led to a number of collaborations. Now hotels and other partners pay him substantial amounts to feature in his Instagram pictures.
At this point, we would have liked to hear a wittier message, an ode to the American dream that his life has become, but the reality was much more matter-of-fact.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards, Johannes Huebl, David Gandy

How were we delighted by British humour:

British Dolce&Gabbana model David Gandy made the ladies’ hearts flutter. With his unusual frame for a model (muscular and tall), he is not always a perfect fit for designers’ wardrobes. Even his unusually large nose is unexpected. But his overall image is thoroughly impressive. A gentleman straight out of the storybooks with superb British style and a sense of humour to match. When they cut to the advert for Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, I’m sure that 95% of the women in the audience were imagining being on that boat off Capri. Dolce vita per tutti!!!

We danced exuberantly on the huge dance floor, and rocked with Matthias Schweighöfer and his actor friends until the early hours of the morning. When my feet started to throb and my party crew were equally as exhausted, we decided to discreetly head off and crawl into bed. What a great evening! We’re already looking forward to next year.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards

The OUTLETCITY team (Oliver Cibic, Isidora Muthmann, Elena Frater, Claudia Oswald) with Kai Fröhlich from Condé Nast

Event impressions from GQ Supertramp Simon Lohmeyer:

VIDEO: GQ Germany – #GQAwards
PHOTOS: Franziska Krug, Gisela Schober, Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images for GQ; Florian Reimann, GQ Germany – #GQAwards