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26 Nov

Chinos… not joggers

BY SVEN – If the dress code is casual, it begs the question… how casual are we talking?

Let the dress code dictate just how many sporty features your outfit can boast and if you don’t need to worry about nuances such as smart casual or business casual, the athleisure look is a must. Strict advocates of formal dress codes are right in detecting a gradual slip in conventions.

But heading to the office in tennis socks and sandals? There’s no need for it! The trick is to incorporate some sporty items into your everyday outfit rather than going for top-to-toe styling. If you could head to the treadmill without changing, you’ve probably gone too far.

This outfit will make an impact in both the conference room and the bar.

For casual spots, this Bally jacket is the perfect alternative to a blazer.

Chino; lässig, Sommerlook

Narrow stripes… not narrow-minded – this Strellson shirt impresses thanks to its chic, discreet pattern

Chino; lässig, Sommerlook, Hemd

Casual chinos from Hackett are a classic and their simplicity goes perfectly with this blue jacket.

In colourful statement sneakers from Adidas, you’ll be noticeably lighter on your feet… AND faster

Chino; lässig, Sommerlook, Sneaker

I also chose this brown belt from Timberland as a special accessory to nicely tie the whole look together.

Chino; lässig, Sommerlook, Gürtel