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8 Mar

Business Casual Style

BY KHAN – “Help! I need a suit quick!” is a thought that often pops into my head when I’ve forgotten about an important business meeting or a wedding invitation from a friend and only remember with two days to go. Rushing to my wardrobe, I soon find myself faced with a choice between the sports jacket I wore to my school prom, a faded pair of jeans, and a shirt that I can only wear if I want to show off my bellybutton thanks to a careless washing incident about ten years ago. Nothing that really fits in with a stylish business casual look to suit the modern man. I end up wearing this spectacular outfit again and then get annoyed at myself later for not just buying something new.   Enough is enough! As Barney Stinson would say, suit up!  

The perfect outfit for the job


Before I know it, I’m all spruced up and dressed to the nines, sporting a slim-fit tailored navy suit from Windsor. Boom! My transformation into a superhero in casual business dress is complete. Looking good, if I do say so myself. The fabric is beautifully thin and lightweight, meaning that there’s no chance of ending up looking all hot and sweaty even in a stuffy conference room or office at the height of summer. This suit may have a tailored fit, but it doesn’t feel too tight at all. In fact, it fits like a glove.

With ties being worn less and less frequently even at top management level, we are seeing the casually unbuttoned shirt look more and more often. We reckon that gives us licence to complete our business casual outfit for men with a black T-shirt from Strellson. I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating when I say this a real revolution in the world of men’s fashion.

The modern smart businessman


What would an ambitious businessman with a strong network behind him and his sights set on a CEO position be nowadays without those all-important accessories? Why not ooze relaxed elegance by casually checking the time on your watch whilst socialising at an exquisite Italian restaurant between meetings? The timeless Hamilton American Classic makes a bold and stylish statement here.

The Lacoste shoes are bound to attract attention too. They clearly scream: “Hey, look at me! I’m bold and daring!” The pop of dark orange adds a touch of colour to the outfit and yet the footwear goes nicely with the dark colour of the suit. This gives the overall outfit an even more relaxed look and is sure to have colleagues falling at your feet. For an even starker contrast, don’t be afraid to add a trusty favourite in the form of a classic pair of white Adidas socks!