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25 Dec

3 outfits to make your legs look longer

Outfits für lange Beine: Beine verlängern mit Längsstreifen

BY JANINE – What woman doesn’t want legs up to her neck? Mostly because people with long legs are considered to be “extremely attractive” (according to Polish researchers). So why not cheat just a little and add a few centimetres? After all, all is fair in love and fashion! But “how?” I hear you ask! Here are three outfit suggestions that will make your legs look longer.

Vertical stripes

This is my all-time favourite top-secret tip. You simply can’t go wrong with trousers with a vertical stripe. They have a slimming effect and magically make your legs look longer. What more could a woman want? I recommend tucking your top into your trousers to unleash the full effect of the vertical stripe. And if you really want to aim high, try adding a pair of platforms. Despite the often dizzying height of the heels, these shoes are usually fairly comfortable and easy to walk in. A longline blazer von Pinko adds the perfect finishing touch to my outfit.

Lange Beine mit Längsstreifen Hosen
Pinko Blazer mit Rüschendetails

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Streifenhose von St. Emile
Blazer von Pinko
Tasche von Versace Jeans
Weißer Rollkragenpullover von Rosemunde
Stiefeletten von Tommy Hilfiger

Nude shoes

And did you know that nude shoes (especially a good pair of high heels) can also add length to your pins? They don’t visually have the effect of separating your foot from your leg, unlike a pair of boots, for example. When paired with a short skirt, the lengthening effect of the nude shoes packs even more punch. Outfits all in one colour are another good option, as they create the illusion of your whole body being stretched out, which, of course, includes your legs. Go for black on black for a classic look. Or for an outfit that is perfect for the spring (winter has to end sometime, you’ll be pleased to hear), try out a pastel purple teamed with a pretty berry shade.

Nudefarbene Schuhe für längere Beine
Ton in Ton Look
Outfit mit Pumps Nude

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Tasche von Escada
Schurwollpullover von Escada
Uhr von Fossil
Hose von Marc Cain
Nude Pumps von Ted Baker

High waist trousers

And last but not least, I present to you a handy little trick in the form of high-waisted trousers! As they usually come up to above the waist, the legs are made to look nice and long. To be on the safe side, team with a short jacket to create the illusion that the top half of your body is even shorter. And if you want to be very firmly on the safe side, find yourself a nice pair of Marlene high-waisted trousers with a wide leg. As mentioned before in a previous blog post, this cut is the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to extending those legs.

Marlene Hose kombinieren
Marlene Hose Outfit
Lange Beine mit diesen Pumps
Marlene Dietrich Hose

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High Waist Marlene Hose für längere Beine
gestreifter Rollkragenpullover von Rosemunde
Kurzjacke von Oui

Try out these leg-lengthening outfits and you will have no problem reaching for the stars. At least as far as your outfit is concerned 😉