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15 Oct

20 years of Bally


The Bally Outlet Store is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary in OUTLETCITY METZINGEN and continue its promise to bring authentic fashion-consciousness to the world.





Carl Franz Bally


Year established:
1851 in Schönenwerd, Schweiz


Company headquarters:
Caslano am Luganersee, Schweiz

The now internationally active luxury company has its origins in a rubber and braces factory, taken over by the brothers Carl Franz and Fritz Bally from their father in the late 1940s. Inspired by a trip to Paris in 1850, Carl Franz decided to get started in shoe production himself, and in doing so revolutionised the shoe industry.

The history of the BALLY brand is characterised by innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship. From comfortable, stylish shoes to inspired ready-to-wear fashion, all the way to bags and accessories for every occasion. Every individual piece is perfectly processed down to the finest detail. The great thing about the brand: BALLY is the first port of call not only for timeless and classic style, but also for exceptional and innovative fashion pieces. The combination is the secret!

In the passageway of the OUTLETCITY, the Bally store has been attracting customers with a new, modern interior for a year now. This makes browsing particularly fun. My eye is immediately caught by a royal blue, egg-shaped coat. This special colour in an oversize cut is a rare find. Added to this coat, my look now includes the white Marlene trousers, which rise up a bit on the floor, and a grey, glittery roll neck. The look is complete.

Because the individual pieces are so special, it hardly needs any accessories. The shoulder bag with an unusual strap is a real head-turner. Added to that are the silver lace-up shoes, which protrude only slightly from underneath the trousers, and match the colour of the roll neck. My motto for this look: show off the special details of the individual product. This outfit doesn’t need any jewellery, since the polo-neck jumper already ornaments the look with its glitter effect. Less is more.